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December 2010

2010/12/04 – Succeeded in offloading the last of the liquids from the boat and raised the first half of the cover over the cockpit. Snows from the previous two days have left over an inch of snow and ice on the deck. Billy helped sweep some of it off, but it will take a warm spell to remove the ice. The cover was secured with some minimal ties. Winds up to 25 mph are forecast for tomorrow, so that will help identify any areas that need additional tie downs.

Hot water tank lines were opened up to allow drainage of any remaining liquids. Also opened up the house water screen ahead of the main water pump.

2010/12/05 - Apparently one of my neighbors is upset with the fact that I have a boat in my yard, as I received a call from the local code enforcement officer. (Never mind this particular neighbor stores his power boat in his front yard each winter...)

Fortunately, I did my homework before buying this house and I'm not violating any zoning restrictions. Our local code office seems to agree with me -- at least for the moment! Now all I have to do is get all of the work done so that this doesn't turn into a multi-year project!

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