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February 2011

2011/02/01 – Started trolling eBay for various parts.

2011/02/08 – Purchased Marine-Quad battery monitor panel & regulator on e-Bay auction. Snow makes itself a permanent fixture in our landscape and on deck (see right).

2011/02/21 – Located a total of three older winches on e-Bay for use on the mast and, possibly, the boom. These are older style winches that use the flat-bar handles.

2011/02/22 – Purchased a pair of Barlow 23, two-speed winches for use as secondary cockpit winches. Shipment from Texas is pending.

2011/02/25 – A snowstorm dropped about 14 inches of snow in the Big Flats area in approximately 6 hours, causing the canopy over the boat to collapse under the weight. Snow was shoveled off of the tarp to relieve stress on the remains of the frame, but then rain a few days later refilled the tarp with a substantial amount of water. This was later siphoned off to again relieve stress until more permanent repairs can be made.

Additional snow storms would later cause the canopy to collapse even further before repairs could be made.

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