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March 2011

2011/03/10 – A second snowstorm resulted in another foot of snow that finished off what the first snowstorm started. The cockpit is now inaccessible due to the cover having collapsed into it and then filling with snow. The photo to the right was taken just prior to the additional snowfall.

2011/03/18 – Yves (Cape Horn Marine Products) said that the new steering unit would be ready for shipment at the beginning of April. The balance due was mailed off with instructions to ship such that the unit would arrive after April 11th as we would not be home from vacation before then.

Peter (a marina neighbor) also called from Florida saying he had located some possible electrical panels for the boat. He found three possibilities ranging in price from $100-$200. Working with Peter to get the appropriate technical details.

2011/03/19 – After several days of 60° weather, just about all of the snow is gone. There was a small pool of water in the tarp that siphoned off easily. Then the tarp was rolled back and the bent sections of tubing were replaced with spares that were on hand.

2011/03/31 – Despite some interesting leads from Peter, decided not to purchase any of the electrical panels he found in Florida due to some uncertainty as to how the final electrical panel should look and where it should be located. Following some brainstorming, an interesting option to relocate the microwave above the galley stove and then put the new electrical panel below the companionway (i.e., above the engine compartment) seems to be the best way to approach the problem. More thought will be required.

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