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June 2011

2011/06/12 - After two weeks of drying out, the gooseneck casting is still firmly attached to the end of the boom. Time to get serious.

A torch was used to gently heat the fitting to about 175°F so as not to blacken the wood. A hammer was then used to see if the fitting could be persuaded to come off. After a few taps, the fitting began to move and, after about 20 minutes, was free. Sanding of the boom could finally commence!

The aft lazarette hatch was retrieved from the boat and brought into the shop to be rebuilt. Late last season, one of the side pieces came off when I stepped on the hatch to work on the backstay. Closer examination today showed that three of the four sides were beginning to delaminate and pull away from the hatch. A small pry bar made quick work of them and removed them so they could be epoxied back into position and refinished.

2011/06/18 - Only a little time this weekend between other scheduled events, but did manage to finish stripping the boom. Will need to find a wire brush (or something similar) to strip the varnish from the groove that holds the mainsail track.

Between shifts with the sander, also managed to epoxy on the second side to the lazarette hatch. One side remains and then the hatch can be sanded, painted (inside) and refinished (outside). Stay tuned!

2011/06/26 - Glue-up on the lazarette hatch is complete. Next step will be to sand the exterior and prepare the hatch for refinishing. I'm beginning to think that this piece might make for a good experiment in epoxy saturation/encapsulation to see if that doesn't prolong the life of the varnish.

Also removed the door between the head and main saloon so that it can be used as a pattern for a replacement, as the existing door (made of particle board) has swollen up considerably due to having absorbed quite a bit of moisture.

Glue-up and sanding of the companionway washboards is also complete. The new ipe edges look good and should add considerable wear-resistance to the boards where they slide in and out of the companionway frame.

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