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2011 November

2011/11/05 - With the help of a couple of crew members (Jim & Jerry) we managed to get a complete, second coat of paint onto the deck in about 3 hours. After drying for a couple of days, the deck really is starting to look nice. Because of the late date, the non-skid treatment will likely have to wait unti next spring as work now needs to focus on closing up the boat for the winter months.

2011/11/13 - Located a "local" source for mahogany about 40 miles from here in northern Pennsylvania and drove there to purchase a couple of rough cut boards from which I can mill interior trim for the cabin. Prices were even reasonable - about $6 per board foot.

2011/11/27 - As you can see by the gap in dates from the prior logbook page, there has not been a lot of activity. This was partly due to work schedules (too busy) and partly due to weather (too crappy).

Thanksgiving weekend, however, proved to be mild and pleasant both for lack of poor weather and lack of poorly scheduled work. As a result, all of the portlights have been put back into place and the three main hatches have found their way back onto the boat. My guess is that I will likely be recaulking a portlight or two next summer, but generally things went well as everything was replaced.

Next up are the deck fittings, but that will likely involve some teamwork and a crew member or two so that bolts, nuts and washers can be handled simultaneously on either side of a bulkhead or deck.

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