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July 2012

2012/07/01 - Thanks to the help with masking things off yesterday, the deck painting is FINISHED! With the drying breeze and the hot sunshine, the paint was dry to the touch within an hour and all of the masking tape has been removed. The boat looks nice and a number of people in the marina have stopped by to offer compliments on the new look of the deck!

Hawse pipes and fairleads for the bow docklines were reinstalled today with the help of Peter from a couple of slips over to keep the bolts from turning while I put on the nuts and washers from below deck.

2012/07/04 - Got to the marina and discovered that I had left the can of varnish at home, so the remaining brightwork in the cockpit will have to wait a little longer to get varnished.

However, the sails have been bent on and the cleats along the cockpit coamings have been reinstalled. The cowling for the engine air intake on the aft deck has also been bolted back into place.

New fairleads from Bristol Bronze for the stern were installed today and the dock lines were finally positioned in a more-or-less permanent configuration. (One where they are less likely to chafe through, I hope!)

The next major milestone will be a shakedown cruise, hopefully this weekend!

2012/07/05 - Varnishing of the spinnaker pole has been completed, so now the reassembly needs to take place. When the end castings of the pole were removed, recall that they were held in with copper drift pins that had been peened over. Since these pins could not be reused, an alternative approach was needed.

#12 stainless wood screws were obtained at the local hardware store. Then the end castings were countersunk on the drill press to accommodate the screw heads.

Since the screws were too small of a diameter to fit into the holes in the spar left by the drift pins, a dowel was pounded into the hole and then drilled out with a pilot hole to provide a firm anchor for the screw. (As you can see in the photo, the glare off the varnish proved to be a problem!)

2012/07/07 - Tomfoolery has survived her initial shakedown cruise. While there was not much wind, there was enough to give confidence that things will hold together under more demanding circumstances. Standing rigging was adjusted and tensioned. Nothing broke or fell off. The lake stayed on the outside of the hull. All good things.

A few things were noted - a miss in the engine along with a some unfinished tasks - but the boat felt good as we sailed out onto the lake and tested various systems.

At one point the wind died down completely, so the crew went for a swim in the 80-degree water. We also tested the Life Sling and now all of the crew is versed in its use. Shown here is Billy repelling off the side of the hull before diving back into the lake from the sling. (Who says safety can't be fun?)

At the end of the day, with the boat running smoothly, the captain and crew (OK, it was the captain!) decided to make a statement that "Tomfoolery has returned!" by sailing (as in not using an engine) back into the harbor and into our slip. As about a dozen potential helpers assembled to help the "striken" vessel, the calm demeanor of the crew told them it was no accident when we drifted to a stop about 12 inches from the dock!

Yes, Tomfoolery HAS returned!

2012/07/15 - Second shakedown cruise was scheduled today, but had to be postponed by a couple of hours by heavy rain (and no wind). Once the rain cleared off, we did see some brief intervals of sun, but the wind remained light.

The engine ran well. The miss noted in the ignition the week before appears to be due to the choke being adjusted incorrectly by the Captain. Thermometric readings also confirmed that the engine is running at the correct temperature.

The lake was at least 10-12 degrees cooler this week, but that didn't stop the kids from swimming. (It did, however, stop the Captain and more mature crew!)

2012/07/21 - Participated in FLYC (Finger Lakes Yacht Club) Race #6. Started the day with light winds but they slowly filled to about 8-10 knots by race's end where Tomfoolery took line honors. We initially corrected out to 2nd place, but this was later determined to be a scoring error and we were awarded with the first place finish. A nice debut!

The sails trimmed nicely and all of the rigging seemed to be in tune, so the prior shakedown cruises can be deemed successful.

2012/07/22 - Finished varnishing the gunwale and inboard cockpit coamings. We're really beginning to look shipshape - at least on the outside. Lots of cabinetry to do on the interior. Navigation lights are also fully functional and our fair sloop has had a USPS Vessel Safety Check and passed. Registration stickers are up to date and all of the ships papers are in order.

2012/07/31 - My marina neighbor, James, was kind enough to send a photo of the completed deck when he was aloft doing some work in his rigging. Thank you, James!

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