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Forward Hatch Restoration

2011/08/12 - The forward hatch sees a lot of wear and tear, not only from sun and water, but also from foot traffic due to its proximity to the mast.

The hatch was removed from the boat and brought into the shop. Only six wood screws held the hatch to the deck. Here's a "before" picture.

Hardware was removed and the entire hatch was sanded down to remove the weathered layer of wood and to rough up the interior.

Then the interior received the first two coats of paint to brighten it up.

2011/08/21 - Completed and reassembled was the forward hatch. Quite a difference after a little spiffing up. OK, maybe it was more than a little. The hatch was sanded down, got a coat of epoxy to seal the wood, and then 7 or 8 coats of varnish to act as a UV protectant for the epoxy layer. I can't wait to get this back onto the boat. It should look quite nice!

Unfortunatley, I was not able to find wide strips of foam at the local hardware store to use as weather stripping. I have a soft rubber gasket that I'll try instead and let you know how it works out.