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Head Door Replacement

2011/07/01 - Got down to starting construction of a new interior door between the head and main saloon. Cut all of the boards to size and then measured one last time, but had to spend a good part of the afternoon milling down the 1x4's to 1/2 inch thickness so that the new door would not stand proud of the frame. After some failed experiements with the band saw, I set up the fence on the table saw and got things close, using a joiner to take off the last 1/16th of an inch.

2011/07/02 - Started the day by gluing up the frame of the new door with epoxy. Since I have a finite number of clamps, I had to do this in stages, but it worked out well by giving me fewer opportunities to make mistakes. Since the temperature today was in the mid-80's, the pot life of the epoxy was about 15 minutes, so it's good that I could only clamp up a few boards at a time!

As each batch of epoxy kicked, I was able to spend time on other projects on the boat. Before long, however, the door to the head began taking shape.

2011/07/04 - The second skin got glued onto the door to the head yesterday and the clamps came off late last night.

Final assembly of the door to the head also took place today. The glued up door was trimmed to size and then solid oak edging was glued on in stages. Next step will be a final fit to the door frame in the boat and then installation of hardware.

2011/07/10 - Finished sanding the door to the head and trimmed it to fit into the opening. Routed out the cuts for the hinges and drilled the opening for the doorknob and latch. A quick test fit with the hinges in place proved the door to be about 1/16th of an inch too tall.

2011/07/13 - Trimmed the bottom of the head door back about 1/16th of an inch and then sanded the bottom smooth. Also started removing the remaining balsa core from the bottom side of the deck panels that had been removed earlier. Completed two of the three panels removed so far.

2011/07/15 - Took advantage of the nice weather this afternoon and spent time finishing up the door to the head. After trimming the bottom of the door a bit a few days ago, the door fit very well into its frame. A few more measurements confirmed the position of the remaining hardware on the door and now it is ready for staining and finishing.

2011/07/20 - After removing all of the door hardware one more time, the door was stained on all sides and varnished on one side.