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A Shelter for Tomfoolery

2010/12/04 – Succeeded in offloading the last of the liquids from the boat and raised the first half of the cover over the cockpit. Snows from the previous two days have left over an inch of snow and ice on the deck. Billy helped sweep some of it off, but it will take a warm spell to remove the ice. The cover was secured with some minimal ties. Winds up to 25 mph are forecast for tomorrow, so that will help identify any areas that need additional tie downs.

2011/02/25 – A snowstorm dropped about 14 inches of snow in the Big Flats area in approximately 6 hours, causing the canopy over the boat to collapse under the weight. Snow was shoveled off of the tarp to relieve stress on the remains of the frame, but then rain a few days later refilled the tarp with a substantial amount of water. This was later siphoned off to again relieve stress until more permanent repairs can be made.

Additional snow storms would later cause the canopy to collapse even further before repairs could be made.

2011/03/10 – A second snowstorm resulted in another foot of snow that finished off what the first snowstorm started. The cockpit is now inaccessible due to the cover having collapsed into it and then filling with snow. The photo to the right was taken just prior to the additional snowfall.

2011/03/19 – After several days of 60° weather, just about all of the snow is gone. There was a small pool of water in the tarp that siphoned off easily. Then the tarp was rolled back and the bent sections of tubing were replaced with spares that were on hand.

2011/05/21 - Took advantage of sunny weather (the spring has been particularly damp and rainy) to erect the remaining frame for the boat cover. Unfortunately, some mice took up residence in the tarp where it was stored in our shed this past winter and nibbled a number of large holes in it. I'll have to find another tarp at a store tomorrow.

2011/05/22 - A productive day! Found a tarp at the local tractor supply store that perfectly matches the one eaten by the mice. Got this up onto the frame before some sprinkles around mid day.

2011/06 - In preparing to do some deck work on the boat, I discovered that the lines I was using to tie down the frame to prevent it form becoming a kite were also wicking rainwater down from the tarp to the deck. This required retying the hold-downs such that they passed under the boat rather than to fittings on the deck or gunwale.

2012/06/13 - What goes up must come down. With most of the heavy refit work completed, it's time to send Tomfoolery back to the marina and her natural element.

After work, crew members Rebecca, Jim and Scott stopped by to help take down the canopy over the boat and to secure the heavy things for transit. The mast was lowered to the deck and secured and the refinished boom was hoisted up to the starboard side deck and lashed down for transit.

The plywood "road" is to compensate for some rain that made the ground just wet enough to promise some "interesting" times when the truck comes the next morning to haul us to the marina.